Rogue Arts is an independent motion picture production  and distribution company with an amazing track record.  For over a decade, we have produced eight feature films and distributed over 100 feature films to theaters, television, pay-per-view, VOD, cable TV, and DVD rental and retailers around the world.

Rogue Arts' movies feature Academy Award, Golden Globe and Emmy winners and movie stars like John Malkovich, Benicio Del Toro, Dennis Hopper, Ben Kingsley, Johnny Depp, Roy Scheider, Martin Sheen, Peter Faulk, Michael Madsen, Jason Patric, DB Sweeney, Mercedes Ruehl and Eric Roberts. Our movies have been featured in all major film festivals and markets around the world including Sundance, Toronto, Berlin, and Cannes and have been watched by millions of people around the globe.

Rogue Arts is one of only three US independent production companies to successfully co-produce a feature film in Mexico using the Mexican Film Fund. The resulting movie, "The Kid: Chamaco" starring Martin Sheen is a shining example of cross-border collaboration in the film industry.

Rogue Arts makes and distributes SMART and PROFITABLE movies!
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