Rogue Arts is a full service distribution company that has handled movies in many different genres. Our company can offer US theatrical releases as well as home entertainment (DVD, VOD, TV, etc.) and complete foreign sales services.

You'll find our movies in the Regal, AMC, Pacific, Laemmle, Landmark, Mann, Cinemark  and CinemaStar Theatre Chains, as well as at many of the top art house theatres around the country.  Our movies are available to buy or rent at Blockbuster, Walmart, Target, Amazon and Best Buy and are available for VOD on all carriers and on the internet at iTunes, Hulu and Netflix.  On TV, our films can be seen on HBO, Showtime, Starz/Encore, Sundance and Cine Latino.

Rogue Arts has distributed films featuring some of the biggest movie stars in the world including Ben Kingsley, John Malkovich, Benicio Del Toro, Dennis Hopper, Johnny Depp, Roy Scheider, Martin Sheen, Peter Faulk, Michael Madsen and Jason Patric, just to name a few, and our movies have been NY Times, LA Times and Chicago Tribune Critic's Picks. 

Some of our recent distribution titles include:
If you would like to submit your movie for consideration, please send  a DVD screener and a short letter describing the project to:
Rogue Arts
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